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An interesting evening

Posted by Unknown

I thought you would like to hear about events on Thursday night when we went in convoy to assist a friend remove some household items to her new house. The craft evening was cancelled and it was decided that it would be all hands on deck to help Ann with her removal. We had my car, my son Alan's car, plus Alice and Jeanette also had transport. It was dark when we arrived at her road and I noticed that Alice had arrived before us but had moved down to leave space for the extra cars. I parked with Alan's car just behind. I had in my arms a bundle of pound shop laundry bags to pack things in and we boldly went up the path. I opened the front part of the door and noticed that Ann had carpet there that I hadn't noticed before. I then, with Alan behind me opened the other door shouting "yoooohooooo" to be met by a face I had never seen before in my life ,nor did she know me. "oh I am so sorry whose house am I in?"Hi I am looking for Ann..."and she said "Oh Ann is the next one down. "Well it was very nice to meet you" says I "we are here to help Ann pack up her things. . "Oh ...I didn't know she was leaving said Mrs C (by this time I figured I at should at least know her name and the nameplate was a big help ). I had also informed her that Ann was moving when she didn't know. Alan being of the same temperament as his mother said "would you like a hug before we go" which she very willing accepted. "Any friends of Anns are friends of mine ."
We then went up Anns path and knocked loudly on the door this time waiting to be invited it. No doubt by this time the said neighbour is on Valium and has her door locked and bolted to prevent strangers walking in off the street. She was a lovely lady and it could have been very different.
I can't believe that, we were heading for her living room and I was mortified, but when the others heard they thought it was hilarious and something that could only happen to me.

Later in the course of packing up and being the practical person I am I brought my car right up Anns path to be nearer the door only to find that I couldn't get out because Ann has small trees and they were in my way so I squeezed out the passenger side. Now, I don't know if you have ever seen a wall with loose bricks and ornamental animals along the wall....but they got removed as I was terrified that a back heel could knock one off the wall into the windscreen of the car below. I do know Anns other neighbour but I doubt if she would have been impressed, so I reversed my car considerably away from that area and also where I might actually get out of my car without climbing over the passenger seat..
After that it was plain sailing with Alan packing the cars with crockery, crystal and millions of clothes with a shoe shop to match. The cars were packed with military precision. We then recovered in the kitchen with a cuppa before heading home. We got a lot done in a short time.
We all went home tired but happy.




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