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Getting our act together, well nearly

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Tonight is the first concert night and despite filming on Wednesday we have remembered all our words and music. I think it did us good actually.
The framed card that will be uploaded is very effective and Rita you will enjoy making it. It has many variations so you can do your own thing. Alice had me demonstrating little bits, stopping and starting, then another part before saying "now demonstrate from scratch." Now I ask you ...would that not confuse you as well. "you have done all the close up work, so just pick it up from there" "pick what up from where" says I. Can we not just do part one and two? After all this I hope the demo is clear for you to follow as that is what matters.
Mary get out that centimetre rule again and for those who do not have one, 2cms is near enough 3/4 of an inch. I can see Alice debating this already.
Well I had better go now as my nails are now dry having just been done. In a choir of 400 who's is going to see them anyway. !!!LOL
Hope you enjoy the demo.



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