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A new year begins

Posted by Alice Morland
So we set off in Ruth’s little red car to our first voluntary craft expedition of 2011 – the forecast was ice and snow!  The temperature started off at a nice warm 2C, then as we drew near to our destination: 1C…0C…-0C, sleet turned to snow, snow landed softly on the green hills, the road remained nicely wet…we made it! But would we stay? Should we lunch and return? However, we were authoritatively informed that the snow would stop at 1pm – and it did! Happily we worked into the afternoon as our guys produced lovely decoupaged Dufex craft cards, and we returned home safely.
Hopefully, Ruth should be a lot warmer soon as she jets off to sunnier climes in the near future.
MaryNSC has been a staunch encourager of our crafty exploits and we were delighted to receive a Christmas card from her with tartan. Well done that girl.  One of the guys photographed us in our new (warm!) corporate colours that we wear when representing Craft & Chat.




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