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Boxing Clever with cUp

Posted by Alice Morland
baby boy trainer bootee and box
In the craft group, sometimes we all do a project each per evening.  I decided upon showing how to assemble this bootee and box.  The Pastel Plaid Baby Boy Trainer Kit design is from CraftsUPrint (see link on right-hand side of Blog) by Amanda McGee, though there are many different designs if you do a keyword search on their site. The downloads are very cheap and can be printed as often as you like.

The box is easily assembled by cutting, adding acetate to the lid aperture, then gluing.  Punch the holes for the laces in the tongue.  The bootee is a wee bit more tricky in that you need more than two hands to attach the upper to the insole, as there are umpteen little tabs to be glued!

We all tried different methods of gluing - double-sided tape, gluestick, PVA, magic tape.  My preferred method is to use really strong red double-sided tape (takes no prisoners!) to centre the middle tab onto the insole; then gradually work my way round the tabs, with your choice of glue, till the heel join is reached where adjustment can be made; fix on the finger tab, then stick on the sole.  Position the tongue and lace the bootee with ribbon, adding the decorations there if wanted (or else place on the box lid).

It was definitely an exercise in having genius hands!



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