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Late Night Crafting

Posted by Alice Morland
When we have these nights we plan a quick and easy project, arrive at the chosen venue for 7.15pm start at 7.30pm  tidy up 10.15pm out the door by 10.30pm. c_laugh2 Well that sounds ideal but hasn't happened yet and last night was no different. We didn't leave until 11.30pm.

I was excited as I had  found in my Tatty Teddy magnetcupboard a Tatty Teddy mug plus a Tatty Teddy fridge magnet from its popularity last time around so guess who was crowing ~ "see- what- I -found"

For my project I took a tri-fold craftsUprint [link on right hand sidebar of blog] sheet, not necessarily my choice, but an interesting style. We crafty ladies managed to make that quick and easy one in no time.

Next was Alice's project A6 card. If you lookJeanette's, you will note that the topper is very pale green rubber-stamped with a thistle, coloured-in with metallic pencils, distress-inked, matted on tartan, and layered. A small hole made for the bow to go through with a brad before attaching it to the plain card covered with a Christmas craft paper.  I nearly forgot that the bow had to be bradded before sticking down the topper…oops! End result a lovely Scottish card. I was able to stamp an insert saying From the Heart of Scotland inside mine.  

We stopped for a coffee/tea /large sultana cream scone oblivious to the calories to revive us for the next project.

Jeanette'sNow  whether we were Ann'stired or surged with sugar we worked on Jeanette's project an 8x8 scalloped card no less with a lorra lorra  space to fill in. There was no sample, the idea being that we would all make with the materials brought a card and see how each person created it - (either that or she forgot the sample).

Alice'sNow Alice said "we don't Ruth's want to over egg the pudding" I waited a few seconds.. ..gave her my "whaaaat" look and that comment flavoured (like the quote) the rest of the evening, getting the comment the wrong way round etc so being the crafty person I am I wrote it down to remind us that what we say may be taken down and given in evidence in the craft news. However we must remember not to over egg the pudding. Alice will be delighted to explain that one.innocence
If you have ever crafted with four or more people what happens is that we all talk to ourselves, thinking aloud which is just...... what we do. 

Jeanette had also given us a large insert for the 8x8 card to be trimmed to fit. Now... that is where Alice had the solution. Out came the omnigrid…the what you might ask? It is a gridded square and I know it is an omnigrid cos it says so on the grid. However, sadly this wonderful grid left the insert writing off-centre so then it had to be trimmed.  Unfortunately it stuck in the trimmer. Rather than actually helping  we laughed at the antics of it not only being removed but thrown at me  across the table before it reached the bin.
Well Alice you should use it for the purpose it was made for!!   I will show you next time how to use it. grin to bellylaugh   If you believe that you will believe anything.
One crafter had to be up at five in the morning, and another going on holiday so here's hoping they managed to get out of bed this morning. Our missing crafter was up in the far north of Scotland. Why she didn't make the effort to come  last night I do not know. brolly wet

I hope you enjoy seeing the cards we have made. Jane's Christmas card might even be one of them, who knows.

If you would like to see how to make any of the above let us know and we will see what we can do.
Keep crafting
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