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5 Reasons Why You Should Craft

Posted by Alice Morland
DoCrafts Creativity Club is running a 31 days blog-prompt - and boy, do I need it - I keep forgetting to blog! 

Blog prompt #1

All about telling non-crafters, your friends and family why they too should try card making or scrapbooking or any other craft that YOU love to do. 

5 reasons to craft, ie card-making: 
1. It's fun.
2. It's sociable or individual.
3. It saves buying cards from the greeting card shops - what am I saying! It costs more in craft stash.
4. It releases your creativity.
5. It can help charities.

I'm sure you'll think of lots more reasons.

We're still on ink-dusting, but Ruth and I made Scottish cards for the Glasgow Hospice crafting time last week.  (I have blurred the names for privacy). 
We used the Clarity Scotland rubber stamps that we bought some time ago and stamped inside the O. Tartan ribbon was used for some, but they all had stamped inside From the Heart of Scotland - part of a Woodware rubber stamp set.



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