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To Scrapbook or not to Scrapbook?

Posted by Alice Morland

Blog prompt #16

Today's blog prompt touches on the subject of scrapbooking. I would love to know if you DO and why you DO IT and if you DON'T why DON'T YOU? This could be the opportunity for you to have a go at scrapbooking to show it on your blog.

I have only scrapbooked once - making a record of my son from birth to give to my lovely daughter-in-law.  To make it easier I bought the type of scrapbook that has slip-in pockets. Using the likes of Papermania 6x6 decorative papers as backgrounds, I applied an appropriate photo to each page, then added words done on the computer and embellishments. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph any of it! Now, if Shona still has it... 

I suppose I don't do scrapbooking on a regular basis because it's more stuff to store if they are not presents to give away. I was ill for 18 years and did a lot of simply-decorated journalling, not aware of how much decorative stuff was available out there. Of course, over the last few years the products have just multiplied, and USA was always more into scrapbooking than UK.

I discovered from reading Jeanne Lee's Post that there is such a thing as Digital Scrapping, so I have signed up to ScrapGirls to learn more. Meanwhile I have tried it out for the first time on Blog prompt #5 If Music be the Food of Love, using docrafts Digital Designer program. Have a look and Comment on what you think.

Reading other docrafters' blogs, I was reminded by Princess1's post that I used to do primitive scrapbooking when I was younger - just sticking memorabilia in the large sugar-paper scrapbooks that were available in Woolworths!

Failing to have any scrapbooks to show you, I'll show instead a large A4 card I made for my church to give our Pastor, who was leaving to be an Army Chaplain.



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