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My Favourite Craft Shop

Posted by Alice Morland

Blog prompt #23

Write about your favourite craft shop.

Craft World, formerly Craftology, in Hillington, Glasgow is my favourite real-world craft shop, where you can actually see and touch the products before you buy. There's lots to see.

It's about half an hour from my house but much nearer if we go together from craftywhippet's abode! It's pretty large with a wide selection of products.  Owned by Donald, there are frequent demos and classes on offer, with a sofa and free coffee area for the long-suffering waiting husbands and tired-out crafters.
I'm pleased to say HP has arranged to replace my printer. Today I was able to get my cards printed at Ruth's and tonight I finished the one for the upcoming birthday - I will show you after the recipient sees it, shhh, cos it's Ann from the Craft Group... Terribly annoying but after cutting it out,  I lost one of the little pieces of the decoupage. Where it went I do not know, I even emptied the bin.

Finally, for you, Rita, I photographed Ruth's Tatty Teddy in his fur coat, as promised in our chocolate video, where we saw a different side of craftywhippet!



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