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My Dream Job

Posted by Alice Morland

Blog prompt #26

Are you doing now what you had always wanted to do when you were a child? What was your dream job as a child?

I didn't have any particular dream job as a child.  But when I became a teenager, big mainframe computing became an interest. However, that meant going to London as there was nothing available locally; having met my future hubby by that time, I stayed put and became a maths teacher instead! No difference, not much.

In the 1980s home computers came on the scene and I cuddled an Acorn Electron (baby brother of the BBC Micro) all the way home on the bus, after managing to bag one, they were so scarce and sought-after.  Together my son and I explored the joys of BASIC computing. Ah the memories of the Elbug magazine and together typing in masses of code to make a game work, only to be stopped by an error message, having typed a colon instead of a semicolon (or the other way round!).

Next came Personal Computers and my ambition was fulfilled in guddling about learning all I could.  I still don't have a job in computing, but I have fun appeasing my interest with blogging, video-making and photography instead via the crafting.



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