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My Favourite Photograph

Posted by Alice Morland

Blog prompt #6

Post up on your blog your favourite photograph. You don't  need words, the photograph can say a thousand words... If you are super brave and really want a challenge then think about scrapbooking your photograph onto a 6"x6" page or onto a card as a sentimental card. 

I live opposite a wide open view to the hills, even though it is well city-fied! Often I am sitting in the back room when I see beautiful colour on the trees and know there is a photo-worthy sunset out the front! Speedily to my camera and across the road to capture the view before it goes! Rainbows are hardest because they never seem strong enough against the sky - but one day I'll get a really good one. I've posted a few of my favourites.  I have plans for using them in cards other than just popping them on the front, but that's for another blog in the future... 
double rainbow

sunset in the rain

at evening time it will be light

burning bush

Valentine's Day 2012



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