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Playtime with Ink Dusting

Posted by Alice Morland

We have been planning for a few weeks to demonstrate Ink Dusting on our Craft & Chat YouTube videos, so have been practising.

Instead of the usual long view from the camera of us sitting side-by-side, I have gone for two separate individual close-up-hands videos to show the techniques. Ruth went first and then I did the second.  Two different inky pictures were the result, both at playtime level! Next time we might try brayering!!! I went for the unsafe option of trying a sea scene instead of the standard hills and trees - silly me - it needs more work, but at least it shows the techniques.

I have a new video-editing programme on my computer, so I had to battle with getting to grips with that, then found the videos were over the 15 minutes allowed for upload.  Aaaarrrggghhh.

However, after much tweaking, they are now done and dusted lol.

I have just uploaded them both to my YouTube Channel and hope you will take the time to go look at them. 

These are the two direct links that will take you right to the videos.

Feedback received: Loraine Think it looks amazing Alice - you asked for answers on a postcard regarding the sea - I would have inked a straight line at the sun end of the sea to give a horizon - that way you can see where the sea ends and the sky starts. You could also blank out slithers of card when inking nearer the shore line for gentle white breakers. Also if the sea is calm why not add in a paler reflection of the sun on the water.
Hope you don't mind my comments (I have to say I'm NOT arty at all). xx

Crafty Alice replies:  I love the feedback, thanks, Loraine. Jane from the craft group gave me tips for finishing that sea picture. I ran out of time as well as skill to finish the picture on-camera!



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