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Nails R Ruth

Posted by Alice Morland
Hi everyone,
It has been a long time since we have done anything for you but our  little Grandsons have distracted us don't know why. Months ago we were talking about making another video so now we plan to be back on track and babies will just need to understand that Grannie is busy.
We debated whether or not we should go to the craft fair this year as we really didn't need anything. Now, there is a difference between need and want tickets  were purchased . We cleverly left the car parking fee of six pounds in a safe place so that at least we could get home.
We were very organised about the order we were going to do things at the SECC but that went out the window when we arrived.! It was good to see Ann at Decopatch. This is something I have never tried so we sat down to have a play. I thought I was finished, when a voice said "do I still see some wood without paper round the edges" What!  I have to do there as well. Lady Ann said "well I thought a woman like you would never leave the edges not done" So I finished it and Ann then unstrapped me from the chair.
On we went shopping having a  rest when we could. We have stopped kidding ourselves that we can much as we thought we could do.
As you will see from the photos we bought a number of items that we absolutely needed. I am still trying to put them beside similar craft items but one has to  actually be in the house to do this.!! 
We have some really nice toppers as well as practical items.  I also bought a table tote bag so that I can remove craft items from the side of my table for safety. I don't think it would be a good idea for an eight month old baby to play with glue and craft knives.
We ended the day exhausted but happy ready to save up for the October fair (did I say that) I might hire a stand and make tea in paper cups for £2.00 that might help pay for my purchases.
Ruth's Dies on magnets in the new case
Now time get our heads working. We have some lovely Tatty Teddy items that will make pretty cards - perhaps Easter. Well, Alice has decided it will be for Easter  I might do something else who knows.
Debra (New Zealand) and Mary NSC (America) It is too far for you to travel just to get glittery nails. Now, I wonder if they will be safe with a heat gun ...

It is good to be in touch with you all again. Since I have become a Grannie I am much more serious ...and if you believe that you will believe anything.
Leo 8 months
Leo 8 months
Leo's Grannie



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