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Now We Too are One

Posted by Alice Morland
Hi Everyone,

I can hardly believe that my little grandson is now one year old. Where did the time go?
As expected Leo liked the tissue paper despite the fact it had no taste or nutritional value and stuck to his mouth. His attention was upwards to the balloons that were being bounced about by the adults. Well, who says balloons are for children only. It was a very humid day so we all melted into the settee while Leo sat happily biting into his favourite toy empty cola bottle... calmly watching the world go by.

Leo's card was thought of about six months ago.  I suggested to Alice that she could make it for Evan's first birthday then any mistakes would be amended when I did mine. I am not called crafty for nothing!!
Like many of you crafters I hit a "block" and kept thinking, "I will look at it tomorrow", but all the tomorrows crept up and one day I knew that it HAD to be sorted.  With Alice's careful measuring and my eyeballing measuring I finally got past the block and into what I wanted to do. It was not however without its problems. As I said earlier we are in a heat wave, so working with glue and double sided tape is not easy when the glue is melting and tape has stuck to your fingers. I laid my almost finished card down and when I lifted it two "tiny" (even "smidgens") of tape had stuck to the two back photos. They had to be removed, as my subtle attempts at fixing were a total waste of time. Photos were removed, reprinted, insert added and card finished.
The card is pride of place on the birthday boy's mantelpiece.  My daughter very discreetly pointed out a little letter is missing on the inside verse. Ah well it happens to us all. It will be easily fixed and anyway Leo can't read yet. I still have a couple of nice photos to add but as yet they have not reached my laptop.

Leo 1
Birthday is over now so time to concentrate on other cards!!



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