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Yarn Bombing

Posted by Alice Morland
"Yarn Bombing -- or as it’s called in Europe, Knit Graffiti – has been taking hold all over the world. From fibre artists who craft covers for a water tower or bus to small community groups who cover lampposts and parking meters, embellishing the world with yarn is a celebration of beauty and a sign of hope and humour. This kind of work is joyous, whimsical, and opens up what knitting and crocheting can be. Yarn is the new paint of our time. Community groups, local knitting groups and individuals have been collectively knitting and crocheting bringing the traditional craft to life."

I visited the Village Arts Centre in East Kilbride after my daughter-in-law told me it had been Yarn-Bombed for the next day's fun. I got a few photos and thought it was a great idea -- showing off knitting and crochet in an unusual way.

Woolly Trees
Couched in Wool
Flower Power
Floral Display
Mushroom Posts
And with that photo, it's the end of my post!



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