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Parliament of the Masked Owls

Posted by Alice Morland
Well, here they are, the rest of the owls, it's taken time to gather them from where they flew off...
Russian Doll Owls
Baboushka Owls
Matrushka Owls
Slider Tree Trunk

It was a good kit and fun to make them up.

At the last Craft group we did something away from cards and tried to decorate Venetian Masks.
Plain Masks
Professionally Decorated Masks
They are white polypropylene and the idea is to paint and stick till they are all glitzy. This first attempt was a laugh. Three of us tried decorative silver spray paint into a carrier bag to contain the mess. We were gasping for breath and had to open the door to let air in or we would have been high on fumes! One was sprayed with gold Spray & Sparkle. Trouble was that they ran into rivulets. By far the most successful was Decopatch, so we are ALL going to do it that way the next time the Project is Masks. Sticking gems or flowers on improved matters, but mine is still to be finished to hide faulty parts.
Plain and partially-finished Masks
The only problem is how we are going to stick them on cards - LOL. Bye for now.



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