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Gran Canaria versus Bute

Posted by CraftyWhippet

Hasn't Alice had a busy time hospital visiting and being put out when the fire alarms went off. Bute is normally quiet but not on this occasion.

My holiday began well with my husband knocking the lens out his specs on to the floor of the plane not long after take off.. Having found it for him he then dropped it again. The three passengers behind and in front all became involved in the hunt with hubby not a happy bunny as he had bought two papers and couldn't read them. The lens was only found before landing and then safely put in my bag.

Early in our holiday hubby ate something that did not agree with him and spent the next few days extremely busy in our bathroom one way or another!!. This was added to by twisting his knee cap while swinging it at the reception desk. (everybody does this it would appear) He already has a problematic knee so the twirling didn't help one bit and to crown it all he bumped his other leg on a sun lounger. Add to that, he bit his cheek whilst eating on numerous occasions. However it made conversation interesting each morning enquiring as to how each ailment was progressing or not as the case may be.

Despite all this the weather was very kind and we were able to rest in the sun as we both needed it to recover. I was aware of the events in Bute by text / e mail as Alice and I kept in touch mainly to restore each others sanity.

The week flew in and it was home time before we knew it. At security in Las Palmas airport the alarms went off . Reason..... my husbands steel toe caps.Is this normal footwear for a holiday in the sun???.
We arrived home from 25 degrees to -5 and heavy snow the next day. Keep the steel toe caps handy until it goes.

All I can say is husband whizzo cardo does not know what a blog is nor where to find it.. Perhaps it is just as well.

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2010

Crafty Whippet



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