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Here are my octagon craft cards, made with the EaziBox scoreboard:
Christmas octagon Christmas octagon Christmas octagon

Christmas countdown banner


Rita on 5:55 pm said...

Those are very pretty! Are you planning to do a video to show us how you made these? :)

CraftyAlice on 6:17 pm said...

Now that's a good idea - I thought we had already done that, but I don't think so...

Hazeyj on 1:14 pm said...

What fabulous cards! Please tell or indeed show, how you made them! I have been searching for an appropriate punch to try the ribbon cards but can I heckers-like find one so trying a new shape would be good! I love new shapes and folds! H x

CraftyAlice on 3:42 pm said...

Yes, that's something for the new year, I think - since we have the final Christmas card in the tartan trilogy now filmed. The make of punch you need for the ribbons is Personal Impressions. I too like shapes and folds, used to be interested in origami.


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