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Posted by CraftyWhippet
Hi Everyone,

Four of us met for our craft night to learn /recap on Iris folding. We had a template for a sun dress that had been supplied by an online craft friend, (though Ann had successfully made her own), which looked quite straightforward unless you were as tired as I was on Thursday. As I was cutting out the template Jeanette quietly said "I think that might be the wrong way " I had forgotten that it was the inside part of the template that gets cut out. Alice kindly gave me her template which I traced round and then, cut out wrongly again. By this time I had lost the plot and had a total mind blank. Alice then made a mistake ,took it apart and fixed it as good as new. Then Ann made hers back to front (and she was the one was supposed to be showing us the correct way,) and Jeanette having watched all the mistakes and shared in all the hilarity managed to make hers just right.
This is the one I made (might need a little press with an iron lol )and second time round was much faster.
Next craft night will be in two weeks when we are all going to bring a quick and easy project. We are also going to the craft show in the SEC Glasgow for some crafting retail this space
Bye for now

PS Ruth suggested I add my tuppence-worth of two folds; the sun dress fancy folding and the waistcoat iris folding (template and pearlised paper strips supplied by Ann). CraftyAlice



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