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Bute Craftathon: Day 3

Posted by Alice Morland

Did Alice have a peaceful night. Absolutely not. As well as snoring I talked in my sleep as well. Alice had visited the little girls room during the night and had heard me all along the hallway and through the closed door. By morning my snoring strip was standing on end so obviously had not done its job.... or even half its job. "Oh no," poor Alice and one more night to go. I have to say that in no way did she complain. We laughed at the weird noises that little craftywhippet could make.
Downstairs again to the craft table, still ready to craft but wilting. 
Next Project was Ann’s distressed clock. "Whoo hoo" says Jeanette,  "I love distressing." We embossed, and stamped with Versamark, added embossing powder, heat gunned the image and filled in the gaps with the distressing pad plus the edges of the card.  Bill, a friend of Ann’s, was catering director for our stay and not only did he supply us with teas and coffees but brought music as well.  So now we were singing the compilation playlist that Bill had made for us (something for everyone’s taste) while we were crafting. That spurred us on and was great. Bill joined us crafting for the first time and he excelled. I had hoped when the photos were taken I could end up with Bill’s as it was better than mine!! As for Jeanette....well she was well distressed!!
Next was Jane's project. This time a Christmas easel card using 5x5 scalloped square card (which is now on my list of purchases for the craft exhibition.)The papers were attached  having been pre-cut to size by Jane. Well done that girl. The Forever Friends decoupage was made up and glittered. After the holding spar was in place we added the lovely decorative snowflake and brad for the finishing touch.
Time to stop for lunch so I left out my second project so that they could all start while I cleared up after lunch. To hear that you would think there were plates but we do quick and easy (to Ann’s horror) using good old kitchen roll instead of plates to save time washing up. Really it was only mugs etc.
Don't sit on Pip!
I came back downstairs, wishing Ann had a chair lift, to find that everyone was finding my project dreadful to cut out as the lady was so small and detailed. It was voted that I should join in making it as well.  As I started cutting I began muttering "what idiot thought of this idea, cut this out easily, I don't think so."  I gave up cutting the last bits. Sorry girls, it was time consuming and for Ann and Alice who had developed colds and watery eyes they couldn't even see the lady let alone cut her out. However we finished our 7 for the photo.
After each project the table was tidied before starting the next one so it was tidy for a short while.
Stormy Tuesday
Jeanette’s was next. Bill had returned  by this time to help us out again and we made Wedding Anniversary cards with gold or silver foiled words. Jeanette has a foil-it machine and it makes all the wording wonderful, and she included an insert. This was a project that didn't need distressing, poor Jeanette. When we were upstairs she looked pensively at the wallpaper and said "that would be nice distressed." Come on!! She only has one ink pad at the moment but did have access to Jane’s and Ann’s full boxes of distressing inks.
Back to another tricky one again, Jane’s second project. We had to (have a look at the card) use a glue pen to glue the word Peace, after trying to figure out where the word was  in the first place before adding glitter to the word Peace to make it stand out. Funnily enough, upside-down or not, Peace was the same.  Very clever. It was assembled with all the prepared pieces to complete the card. By this time we were asking how many we still had to do, bearing in mind that each crafter brought two projects. Wonderful idea....not.
After dinner we made Alice’s stacker card. Pyramage patterns on top of a distressed  front and matching ribbon down the side edge. Jane and Jeanette were still going strong, (after all, they are younger!), the rest of us were drifting into automatic pilot. 
Twelve down and two to go. The last two were going to be made in the morning then we would pack up, go for lunch in Rothesay and be ready to head for the ferry and the drive back to Glasgow.
The photographer photographed
Up the stairs again to have a cuppa and head for bed. The idea of doing late night clever things had long gone and really all we wanted to do was sleep. But...the little snoring strips had to come out again. As Alice had a cold I suggested that she have one as well as they are also good for clearing sinus problems. After I put mine on it felt much more in place. Much better. 
Alice put on hers and out went the light..... but did they work this time?????



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