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Bute Craftathon: Day 4

Posted by Alice Morland
Well what an interesting night. Now, someone is waiting with great interest for this part. Rita...I snored, despite the strips being well in place -- and so did Alice. It was really funny. She purred away in a  very lady-like fashion while I roared or snored Harley Davidson style. I guess I now am a graduate of snoring...not something to be proud of I can tell you. We still have to go to Belfast for two nights next month, oooops.
We packed up all our bedding etc ready for the car, and back we went downstairs for our last two projects. 
Jean’s second project was a pretty card, lovely soft effect tartan with a scroll on it on a 5x5 card. Now Jean is a lovely quiet lady, but I did notice that when we heard her beautiful lilting voice say "oh I seem to have got that wee bitty wrong", that she was kindly given the completed part, on more than one occasion I might add. Nice one Jean!! I will keep that idea up my sleeve. I was thankful that we were finally on our very last project and if you are not tired reading this I am tired remembering it.
Morag's project was the last of the fourteen projects and looking back, one we should have tackled on the Monday morning! It was a landscape easel card with lace trim and a fan. I had completely blanked by this time. I started with the top paper and thought it would look nice extended down the back. Autopilot kicked in. It looked a bit odd so used an extra piece of coordinating paper to fill the gap, to find the sides weren't right. I borrowed some strips left over from Jean’s scroll project (Alice had been offered the extra samples when Jean was clearing up). By this time I realised I was the only one working on the back of my card, so turned it over to find that the piece I had put on the back was actually a paper meant for the front. The fan had to be cut into blades and bordered with peel-offs. Most of us by this time needed clothes pegs to keep our eyes open as the time marched on past lunchtime into the afternoon. I plan to correct my mistakes if I manage to  survive this craftathon blog.  Alice was all ready with the camera again so I confess I stuck a small sticky pad behind my incomplete fan and placed it to hold it in position ready for the photo. At this point I did not want to see another card for at least a week, if not longer.
The table this time was completely cleared of all things remotely resembling craft  and the tables folded ready to be put in the car after lunch.
Out we went to the cars and as Ann drove off we frantically waved that we had a problem. My car battery was flat and  nothing worked (bit like myself). After a bit of "come along little car this will not do", or something similar, it fired and off we went in the rain for lunch, complete with pink hat distressed with a piece of card stuck in it saying Organist and Heid Bummer (which means the same thing but not so polite).
After lunch, we arrived back at Ann’s and packed up. Jane had all her craft plus Jeanette's as they were travelling back together and we packed my car with the table, Alice's craft, my craft, ready for the drive to the ferry.
Cup of tea before the off and we left, with Morag, Jean and Ann waving the four of us as we drove off with our cars laden. They were following us home the next morning. 
Queen Mary 2
Bute Ferry
Cruise ship
Haste ye back
I arrived home after leaving Alice at her house for a peaceful night’s sleep and dropped into a chair totally crafted out.
While on the island I had no mobile signal and once I was back in signal I received a text message. is not good to send text messages when you are cross-eyed and sleeping on your feet but that story will be a little add-on to round off the craftathon...soon…



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