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Bute Craftathon: Postscript

Posted by Alice Morland

Hi everyone,
Thank you Rita and Mary for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the blogs.
The last blog ended up with us all very tired and as for me I did not want to see another card for at least a week.  I had no mobile signal on the island so when I returned home and got a signal I found that one of my customers had been trying to contact me. I replied to the text and she asked me if I could possibly make a 60th birthday card for Saturday.  I texted back asking what she was looking for and while I was waiting on the reply sent a message to Alice which read "Just got a card order. Isn't that wonderful LOL"  I pressed  before realising that the text was going to the customer not Alice. Well as we all know you can't retrieve a text once you have pressed send. OH NO!!!  I sent a very quick follow-up explaining why I had made the comment and she replied "well tell her she hasn't got me as a customer lol ".  After that I decided that sending any more messages when nearly sleeping was not a good idea.
When I delivered her card (she also happens to be my hairdresser or should I say hair artiste!!)  I said "here is your friendly crafter bringing you your order I am so sorry." She just laughed but understood. Thanks Sharon for giving me that wonderful order at such short notice. It is not like you at all.
As for everyone else
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