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Craft Report

Posted by Alice Morland

Sorry you didn't make it this morning, Jane, we missed your input.

We certainly did, my partner in craft.

A good start was made by my leaving my zipper case of card and Val's PG CDs at home, meaning we had to waste still more petrol (I love the petrol sign) in going back since Norman had already left.
No problems. You had left the all important card and Val's music in your study. Fancy forgetting that Alice. LOL (That is what you get for cheeking me yesterday about forgetting mine)
I used Ruthie's Media & Pastimes and Lace Hearts boards: embossing two white linen shirts.
Sounds like good material instead of card.
and one shocking cerise pink scalloped hearts, some black then graphite TVs and just now realise I didn't have time to do the black waistcoats! Ruthie - please may I borrow the board?
You may do that.
Mary actually sat down for some of the time and was busily producing as usual.
Mrs Pergamano here she comes.....showing me how good it was until she found the smaller pen was better!!
She said that I would be able to buy a 1" rolling pin in the Early Learning Centre for curling the Bookatrix shapes
Something a similar size would do the same job I think.
- Becky had embossed some of her own ready for a card. Mary isn't called the Flying Web-Searcher for nothing!
That makes her sound like a cobweb, that was Francis yesterday.
Lynn showed us her in-production scrapbook for Gemma and we admired her young-looking Dad and the handsome Colin.
It was very impressive.
Meanwhile Val was busy with black embossed rubber-stamped flowers, filling-in with Twinkling H2Os and watercolour pencils with water-brushes.
I am glad you said filling in. At first I thought the flowers were black.
Ruthie tried plain rubber-stamping before using the pencils, but of course it smudged a teensy bit:
How kind. It smudged more than that I can tell you.
however, the result looked very promising and she was enthused to think of purchasing some.
When she heard I had a spare tin she was a happy bunny. Unfortunately I forgot to give her some watercolour paper to try for a different effect.
How remiss of you. Did we run out of time or something.
Val then made peel-off on acetate multi-coloured butterflies which looked gorgeous despite them being ~ shudder ~ insects.
They are not called shudder insects but beautiful butterflies.
We were accused yet again of purloining when there was no trace of one of the metal 'badges' that everyone had been given - well, who would pinch one that said Mary on it?
Search your bags everyone, Mary has something missing again.
Val had no extra rulers in her possession, our drawers and bags were turned inside-out,
Well the bags were
when we suddenly thought of the Scrapbook - sure enough, stuck to the plastic cover was? - you've guessed it.
Lynn was trying to steal it and call herself Mary.
Looks like Mary will be needing indigestion tablets again after eating still more hoomble pie, as our Yorkshire Arthur would say.
We listened to part of the Praise Gathering 2008 rehearsals, are you prepared to come along, Jane, to support your three friends?
She will still have concussion after shopping in Glasgow and no money left.
When we left, Ruthie took one of her spontaneity turns and we whooshed off to S for Stamps for a somewhat fruitless visit: no Twinkling H2Os and the lace was extortionate.
It was hardly worth the effort. I didn’t get what I was looking for. Alice was keen to buy more boxes but I sat on her and said NO in a firm voice.
Nothing daunted we called in at Stitches where we got four different designs of lace, to experiment after watching your video (9). Who should wander in but Lynn, wondering what we were buying...We spent the grand total of £1.11...which really must have increased the profit of the new owner Paula, a graduate of the Art School and a dab hand with cutting centimetres accurately - just what we're good at - not.
Every day in every way I am getting better and better: 2.5cm = 1" so there. You should have heard Alice discussing the measurements with new owner Paula...with such expert precision - 70 centimetres please divided into three bits (so that Becky could have some) and she did it. That is what keeps her in business.
We're looking forward to your Exploding Box being demonstrated.
Keep in touch.
Love Alice

How many names have we got now?
Love Ruth
Lots...but they are all printable.

Sounds like you had a good morning.
Jane x



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