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Craft Party on Bute

Posted by Alice Morland
Alice, Jane, Ruth on the ferry We went to Rothesay on the Island of Bute in RothesayScotland overlooking the beautiful bay and stayed to have a girls' craft party for five or six. It began on Monday the 8th September and lasted until Thursday 11th September. We had to cross by ferry - Alice, Jane and Ruth - and for the first time I took my car, which was fun...

Jane's Shaker cardWe had all prepared a project for six people. We also filmed as a request from DebbieAC68 (one of our YouTube subscribers) how to make a Shaker card. We had a wonderful time with loads of laughs. We may well appear tired in the video....... that might be because we had previously laughed ourselves to the point of exhaustion. The Shaker card demo will be posted in the near future as Video18.Ann's charm

We were really pleased with Jane’s beading project, which she designed herself and was new to us all.

How to have a Craft Party

First of all you need to link up with some crafty friends and form a group. Once your group is established arrange to spend a few days together at a suitable venue or at a house belonging to one of the group.

Each person prepares a project for the number in the group demonstrating something you areanother of Jane's projects confident making, decoupage, stamping or stencilling etc. All craft needed for each project was to be supplied by each individual. This means you need maximum craft and minimum clothes, which for most of our subscribers will not be a problem as they don’t live in Britain where we can have all seasons in one day. Crafty Whippet singing in the rainCraftyWhippet singing in the rain with her far-travelled wee car:

A small matter of food has also to be considered. Breakfast (which we all took our own) lunch and dinner that will suit everyone but quick and easy.

After that each person takes a turn with their project or projects and a great deal of fun is had by all. We came home with cards made and memories of our great few days on the beautiful island of Bute. Ann and Jean laughing in the face of the rain: Ann and Jean laughing in the face of the rain

Jean Just For YouIf anyone has had or would like to have a craft party please let us know...we can compare notes.

Best wishes from an exhausted craft group.

Crafty Whippet



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