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Posted by Alice Morland
Hi folks,

As you will know, another video has now been uploaded by craftyAlice, with Alice and I reversing roles. I did note in the film that the rainbow cuttlebug dove papers that were put aside for “crafty whippet” to make something with have been taken home by my friend. My attempts at filming made me realise that it took great skill to home in on her lovely beads and to film everything that I wasn’t meant to but it was fun and not as easy as it looks.

We just decided that it was time to have some fun and with the news these days all being doom and gloom we thought we would liven things up.
We are busy at present, as Alice’s son is getting married in July and we are privileged to be able to help out with the wedding stationery. We are also going to a local Hospice Day Centre and a Residential Rehabilitation Centre for young men once a month to introduce craft. We are busy continuing to learn Sign Language while rehearsing on Monday evenings with around 400 singers for this year’s Praise Gathering concert in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow in June.

Everything goes very well until all the once-a-month commitments come at the same time, but we get there.

Crafting and YouTube has given us many laughs and the latest one was no exception. That’s what I get for saying Alice just sits with the camera doing nothing.

We welcome
elaine209tiger, a new subscriber who used to live in Scotland and is enjoying the link with home.

MaryNSC how you doin' gal, have you got the hang of centimetres yet? We enjoy your comments.

I would like to say that most of the craft demonstrations are in neutral colours so that they can be adapted to be as bright or as calming as you want. After all the filming with Alice’s camera I needed a bit of calm.

What would you like to see next apart from two females making idiots of themselves? Are you aware that there are new Daisy & Dandelion stamps with co-ordinating items to complement them? This is a new range with little rabbits and elephants and have become very popular here in sunny Scotland … the sun does shine here sometimes.

We are going to attempt to keep the Blog up to date now as well as videos for YouTube.
Please let us know what interests you have and we will attempt to show a demo.
Thank you to all our subscribers. It would be good to build friendships over the future months.
Crafty Whippet



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