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An Evening with friends

Posted by CraftyWhippet
We were out on Tuesday evening with some friends for a meal. Normally neither of us take a dessert but we thought "oh well, why not."
Alice will be so excited that I have shared this with you all.That will teach her for showing me how to Blog.

This was a dessert for two. So being the good friends we are we decided to share. We were horrified when we saw the size of the glass including two spoons.The glass contained two fingers of Kit Kat, scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, crunchie, half a bowl of brownies and topped of course with lashings of cream decorated with maltesers.

We had a good time with our friends who were astonished that we made a good attempt with the dessert. Alice gave up, so I had no choice but keep going. I do hate to see food wasted. There is a dessert called death by chocolate....this came very close

Crafty Whippet



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