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Deaf Actions Choir

Posted by Alice Morland
Ruth and I have another interest as well as craft - British Sign Language (BSL), which is different from American Sign Language (ASL).  We're just learning, having used an online introductory course to start with.  We were astonished to find that there are regional 'accents' ie different signs for the same word depending on where you live in the UK!

We've been attending a monthly Deaf Focus meeting to increase our understanding.  Some members of the Deaf Actions Choir signed to praise music and I was permitted to film.  The first video with two songs is now on YouTube.  It is a beautiful form of worship and I hope you will enjoy watching.  The second is here.

In my YouTube Channel Playlist: "All Things B&B" (ie not craft), there are two other praise-signing videos in which Ruth signed the only song she then knew - courtesy of Ian White.  Go to an Older Post in this Blog, 2008-07-29, for another mention of signing. 

Yesterday, at Deaf Focus, she signed "Humpty Dumpty" (don't ask) with some help, and it will go on as an Outtake.



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