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Orange? Blue? Purple?

Posted by Alice Morland
PhotoBucket has just sent me an e-mail to say CraftyWhippet has uploaded 44 photos of her cards - so, being nosy I went to view them.  I became really confused, though - one Title said "Orange sympathy" when the card was pink! Another said "Blue stencil glitter" when it was lilac! "Purple Irish" was green and red.  "Blue teddy" was purple! Fortunately, CraftyWhippet herself phoned and cleared up the mystery. It seems that the cards are colour-coded by price.  Having taken on board what I'd said to her about consistent titling, she had been ultra clever and included the colour coding in the Title.  A little bit of pochling soon sorted that out - the colour coding is being moved to the end of the card Title.

However, she has not lost her gold stars, everything had been properly uploaded and she is in the process of retitling as I write...

I think I'll have to seriously consider retitling my cards in GeniusHands Gallery to make them as colourful!you make me smile



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