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CraftyWhippet Returns

Posted by CraftyWhippet
How good is that. After being caught up in volcanic ash problems returning from Sharm El Sheik in Egypt we returned home via East Midlands.We then had a coach journey to Glasgow (an extra 5/6 hours after a 5 hour flight) on Thursday to find not only had Glasgow airport re opened but my house has been delegated for the next craft night. I have always said if you don't turn up you are delegated so what can I say. I very nearly didn't come home as my husband was offered two million camels plus some chickens if he would let me stay in Egypt. He said 150 would do !!!!!!
The strange thing is , some illegal Egyptian sand flies returned home with us so perhaps the venue might want to be changed LOL.
I believe we also have been given another challenge, dog pads versus bear that could really get me into trouble but it just might come up in discussion in a future video.
Alice has executed the arrangements for our next night with military precision plus telling us what to bring, so all I need to do is make the tea.
Now I have loads of ironing to do so will go and do my wifely chores and iron a few sand flies if they are still around . That will teach them to bite me on the plane home.
Catch you again when I am organised.
Crafty Whippet



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