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Learning Photobucket

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Hi ,

My brain is full of all sorts of computer information now thanks to Alice. I have to say she teaches me well but comes out with some crackers like "you need to add tags to photobucket." "a what to what?" Oh, a tag, no bother at all. Next.
"Now, firstly we'll get you signed in, then we will go from there. Now, you need to upload your photos but I would suggest maybe only two at a time." Good idea Alice, as I had visions of my cards floating around cyber space for months. "Let me show you how to tag and this one doesn't need a capital." With me so far....."However the title does need a capital" that is so that people like yourselves might actually know what the photo is.
I have finally uploaded a few cards to Just the Card and now have I think around six done.They are all Bookatrix cards but might manage to TAG some other ones as well. If you look at GeniusHands you will note that Alice has uploaded many more. Now...guess who is the computer whizz. I will get there, and by Christmas I will be blogging, uploading to facebook, and no doubt "twittering" as well.
Well done my crafty friend on all your teaching. Do I get brownie points or stars for all I have learned today ?



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