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Posted by Alice Morland
My husband and I went to visit Ann in Bute for two days. 
Lunchtime ferriesThe Great Normanotame blackbird eats Pip's food  
We didn’t do any crafting since there was so much else to do but we indulged in our hobby of photography.  Ann has a keen eye for which of my photos to delete.  She’s much more disciplined about it - I hang onto them saying, “but it’s a record of an event, even if it’s not photographically good…”  She just goes, “huh!” and presses the <Delete> button (normally it’s CraftyWhippet who is the Delete Queen).
Midsummer sunset was fabulous, giving only a short window of opportunity as we rushed outside with our cameras.  Light is the crucial part of photographs and Ann had some beautiful ones from 6am, when I hadn’t even surfaced.
Ann the photographerMidsummer sunsetThe heavens declare the glory of God
I can’t believe the days are now getting shorter when we haven’t even had our summer holiday yet!



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