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Down to earth with a bump

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to thank all those who wished me a Happy Birthday last month. I am now the proud owner of my bus pass, been for a trip down memory lane, arranged my pension and have now come back to reality with a bump.bump
Creative Art Shop PrestwickJohn ByarsCraft corner
Last weekend was lovely and sunny. My husband and I (I sound like the queen ) regularly go to Ayr, a seaside town only an hour from where I stay. We go through a smaller town called Prestwick. Now, this is a name you are going to become familiar with as Prestwick is where John Byars has his Creative Art Shop which is now linked with Do Crafts/ Papermania. His drawings and paintings are out of this world and some of his work should now be available as delightful wooden rubber stamps and decoupage cards to purchase. John Byars boy with kiteHis range is called Nostalgia and nostalgic it is. I have ordered some sets of decoupage from him and I will collect them next time I am going to the coast (or even earlier if it arrives before a weekend )  These wooden stamps are a work of art in themselves – with the craft design etched into the top of the block and his signature on the side.

I have been busy crafting since I came back but have finally found time to say hello.

Alice and I as you can see have being demonstrating framed photo cards. I think the guys worked well and made a really good job of them.
Alice is going to the North of Scotland to Fort William for a few days for a summer break with the Great Normano so I hope they have a restful time. Phyllis ,you will remember where that is. I am sure when she returns she will tweak this Blog and put in some appropriate photos.  [Yup, I did!]
I will catch up with everyone soon. Please keep commenting ...then we know you are still out there alive and kicking. LOL



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