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Posted by CraftyWhippet

Crafty Alice has sent me a link to "gif "after encouraging me to use drop box. No Alice, I haven't remembered to remove the video clip you sent me. Now blogging I can do, Photobucket, Facebook and Fiskateers but tonight I saw something beside a blog that said "retweet." Being curious to know more (which wouldn't take very much) I got this message which I thought I would share with you on this very cold icy night before my brain and body freeze totally.
Would you like to connect TweetMeme and twitter together to be able to easily tweet your links. You will be able to edit your tweets before they are tweeted.

How wonderful that could be and how helpful if I tweeted in the first place.I think my friend is correct when she mistakenly calls them twits.
I think I will keep card making least I am aware of what I am doing.



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