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Nostalgia at Troon

Posted by Alice Morland
No Blog Prompt! However, in Scotland we always talk about the weather because we can get four seasons in one day. Doon the watter - remember I explained that? Well, Ruth was at Troon, last weekend, in the heatwave.  The M77 was packed with cars and the seaside was thronged with families. Ruth writes:
Yesterday we went to Prestwick and today we went to Troon. As we passed the Piersland we saw how busy it was. All along and past the library there were cars on either side of the road. On the left hand side they were parked on the pavement. Up at Titchfield Road it was unbelievable with cars,  people on seats and families having picnics. The photos give you a little bit of Troon as it would have been years ago. Yesterday was even busier I was told. Ayr, Prestwick and Troon were all busy. Hope you like the photos.



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