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Porridge Anyone?

Posted by Alice Morland

Ruth has practised posts more than I have, so I have pinched her latest epistle, which has nothing to do with crafting other than setting you up for the she writes to the instigator of our craft group:

Hi Ann,

Alice was telling me she had pinhead oatmeal for breakfast while staying with you in Bute. Alice said she doesn't normally like porridge but said she had enjoyed it. "You just put some in a plate with some milk, microwave, wait a minute, add a little more milk and it is a bit like rice." Add some raisins and maple syrup and so on...

I thought I would try it too and not being a great lover of porridge I thought I would have a go with the oatmeal...

My good friend Alice bought me the pinhead oatmeal and on Sunday morning I thought I would have some prior to going to church. I have to say I was a little later getting up as my alarm clock went on strike, Alarm Clock however, not daunted I sprinkled some oatmeal into a bowl poured on some milk and "popped" it into the microwave and gave it a couple of minutes. I took it out to give it a stir as per instructions and found it was really thick. As I didn't have time to dance on it Aerobics or put it in a drawer, I added more milk so that would thin it down in the vain hope another minute might soften the oatmeal which was still very grainy.

As my breakfast bowl was getting a bit hot I had to watch it all the time and on this occasion the level of porridge rose high and higher. Just as it was about to go over the edge of my bowl I took it out...still thick and grainy and nearly burnt my tongue...By this time I was needing a cow in the back yard to keep me going with milk Cow 3 but as I had used such a lot I thought...this time I will use water, give it a stir and pour it into a bigger bowl. Time was marching on so while I was cooking my pinhead oatmeal I poured some cornflakes into another bowl and ate it while I was watching the oatmeal boil again. I then informed hubby that I had left him some partially cooked porridge and all he had to do was add some milk. He was pleased at my thoughtfulness. Roll

When I came home he said he had had to add loads of milk and it was a bit tasteless. What a pity you hadn't added some raisins, I said.

Alice has now got a scoop for me to measure what I will need if I do it again. I suspect I put in more oatmeal than I needed ROTFL and could probably have fed the neighbours had I continued. Belly Laugh

Please would you send me the instructions and I will make sure I am up early enough to make this delicious breakfast at another suitable time.

With love




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