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Taster for the new-look Genius Hands

Posted by Alice Morland
Welcome to Ruth's Blog Post! (formerly known as Ruth's Report)

Hi Crafters
I suppose first of all I should be wishing you a Happy New Year as this is the first Blog Post of 2008. I was on holiday in January and I am now catching up.

We are so pleased with the way crafters from other countries have subscribed to the website videos and we welcome all your feedback on what is of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us with your comments. Alice has created this blog from scratch and has faithfully updated it, as well as crafting and various other commitments. She is not called WebMom for nothing. Nobody else in Craft & Chat (formerly Get Creative) can do this and the work spent on the website is very much appreciated. The comments we have had from subscribers have been so encouraging so please continue.

The Report aka Blog Post at the end of the month is now going to include what we have been crafting, letting you know of any changes with Craft & Chat and keeping you up to date with YouTube instructional videos.

We would like you to feel involved with our craft by letting us know if there is anything you would want to see demonstrated on video - you can comment on YouTube or e-mail us. Can I remind you at this point that we are not professionals -- "Dawn Bibby I am not" (see our first Video Outtake #1: CraftyWhippet I am not) so don't be too ambitious with your ideas or we will be having panic attacks.

The new Keepsake boards are on sale now and the demo by the Glitter Girls on Ideal World last week was good. There is also a new board reaching the shops in March (available on eBay) and then again in July. I am hoping to try the Illusion board for box-making and in particular the size that fits the Bookatrix. I use the EasiScore board at present but this new board looks very good. I have not forgotten that I said in the Bookatrix Videos that we would demonstrate making a box for the Bookatrix to go in. Hopefully I will be able to link with Alice to arrange a time when we will both be free. It is our intention that by the time this post goes on the blog we will have demonstrated Box-making and have it on YouTube for you to view. We might even change our tops from canary yellow to a colour we actually like!!

We also like the Cuttlebug folders and a new range is now available. I have been looking for a Thinking of you or a Sympathy Cuttlebug folder and so far as I know we do not have any here in Glasgow. Maybe our American crafters can let us know if they have them.
We have been busy making mini boxes and it might be the case of sixth time successful... I like to use a template and Alice (an ex-maths teacher) likes to calculate and use a ruler for all her measurements. I compromised and left her to calculate...and then give me a template!! I think that was a good deal.

I am busy making some little cards for the ladies in my church for [UK] Mother's Day, which has been fun. As you know, sometimes it takes longer to think out the idea than to actually make it!!

I hope this has been of interest to you so...until next time.

Bye for now

Ruth aka CraftyWhippet



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