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Get Box-making and Create

Posted by Alice Morland
Hi Everyone,

Our new video is now on YouTube, demonstrating Bookatrix Box-making. We started preparing early on Wednesday morning so that everything would be to hand. It was fun filming the clips and we decided not to delete the mistakes we made. This was a really busy time as we were also preparing the next two videos demonstrating a C6 box and the final one demonstrating the motto mini boxes. The craft area was covered with boxes of all different sizes and colours.

grease? creaser?
Craft & Chat (formerly Get Creative) 
In the process of filming, at one point the camera was switched off "by mistake". This, I may say was after only one minute of running, so all the “filming” was for nothing. This was to set the tone of the morning:-
I wasn’t far wrong. The next time, the phone rang just as we were completing the movie. We thought that we could pick up where we left off but the phone rang again. It was back to the beginning as I couldn’t remember what I had said. I think I had a few 'senior moments' aka 'intellectual incidents'.

The yellow scorer caused me some confusion as I called it a ‘grease mouse’. Alice corrected me, saying it was a ‘creaser mouse’, which wasn’t right either. It is in fact called a ‘crease mouse’ and I finally got it right. I will call it ‘banana’ in the future.

I thought it might be helpful to remind you of the template measurements mentioned in the videos that were made. I hope it will help you with your box-making.
Always remember that the base of all boxes have to be trimmed a ‘smidgen’ or, as Alice would say, 2mm.

C6 BOX 21x16 cm Border 2.5 cm
MINI BOX 13.5 x 9.5 cm Border 3 cm

The C6 Box-making Video will be our next one on YouTube so remember to look out soon for these.

You will also notice that the canary yellow polo shirts have gone and these have been replaced with blue. The polo shirt is a warmer one but we have a cooler top for the summer.
Until next time.
Bye for now




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