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Lofty ideas

Posted by Alice Morland
another webHi Ruth,
Do we have a photo of Alice being pulled up into Jane’s loft ? I just can’t go there! We didn’t need a rope after all, LOL. She climbed steadily first up the ten front steps outside the house and then carefully up Jane's stairs to the top landing, not standing on the cats Buttons or Missy en route and then made the triumphant ascent into the attic . We were like kids let loose in a sweet [candy] shop. We had a very non-stressful filming time with Jane making a wonderful Glitter Lace border on a card. Simple, but so effective. Wait till you see the movie [Video 9 on our YouTube]. It was the most relaxed movie we have done, with a bit of banter now and then. Once Jane got used to the camera we just ignored it and had fun. I think you will all enjoy it. Alice then made the descent, with Jane going first with the bags, then Alice, then me. I think both our legs resembled jelly for a little while. Jane
Hope you were successful this morning...
We were getting excited about what can be done next as Jane has such new ideas.
We had a good morning as well, just the four of us – Mary, Lynn, Rosemary and myself. Mind you, I think we made enough noise for 7.
What is new about that?
Lynn stamped and got ‘distressed’ (cards, not herself), Rosemary embossed shirts and golf bags and cut out dies on the Cuttlebug – did several things as once and got confused as to which to she was doing last and next!
No - surely not. These are called senior moments, Rosemary.
I finished off some cards – very tame!
I think it is good to finish cards and very satisfying, otherwise you end up with a box full of nearly-done. I tend to jump to something new with a casual, 'I will finish that later'...and then don’t.
And Mary helped everyone out, as usual, particularly punching out wee flowers and leaves from all the leftovers from the Cuttlebug.
That is very visual, I have to say and most unlike Mary to be economical with little bits. I hope no one took away anything that wasn’t theirs... 3 rulers, for example, Val? Remember Mags was good with “bits"?
Oh yes, and we helped Mary eat a box of truffles. She started by saying we could eat the top layer so she and Arthur could eat the bottom layer, but by 11.30 we were on to the bottom layer as well! They were very yummy – see what you missed – well perhaps it’s as well ‘cos we would have had to share them round more people and really that wouldn’t have been so good!
Ha-ha! Did Mary really think that you would stop when the top layer was finished? Pity that Alice and I were not there to help (not that I would touch them while being careful with my extras) - BUT, look at the calories we have saved. Well, I have. Alice had something to eat at Jane's that was just as bad.
What was that about ‘share and share alike’ …. Or was it ‘what’s yours is mine!’
I would go for the last one. 'Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?' -- NO!
Thanks for the wee poem about the mouse that Oscar and Alice [the cats] played with in the night...Ruth
There is a mouse inside the house
That’s running round and round the pantry
There’s is a mouse inside the house
I cannot catch the little man...

I will sing it to you when I next see you.
– I wait for the musical version. It was learned at school. Alice and Jane looked gobsmacked when I sang it to them yesterday. I am glad we all had a productive day.
Love Val
Thanks for your Blog, Val.
Love to everyone



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