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Apology from CraftyWhippet

Posted by Alice Morland
Hi Everyone,

I apologise for taking so long keeping you up to date. There have been so many changes taking place recently as well as holidays for each of us so the time has disappeared. I would like to say it won’t happen again but it probably will!!

MaryNSC, DebbieAC68, Ninajeanette2 and Beccapaul. We are about to make some more craft videos. Is there anything in particular you would like demonstrated. Please do not be too adventurous and remember we are amateur crafters. Mary NSC...that will give you something to get really excited about. LOL

I would also like to thank all our new subscribers and apologise for not being as up to date as we would like. Alice you really must do better. LOL We so enjoy our subscribers' comments even if it is a reminder to hurry up and do something. We will I promise.

We have now finished our Praise Gathering concerts which took place after ten weeks of rehearsals. It was over three nights in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. There were 420 in the choir not the four in the picture!!!

We visited a Daycare Centre again last week and 8 Silver Crafters had a really good time and made a simple but effective 'thank you' card. One of the care team received two as a gift and she was so touched by the kindness. Our older crafters have a super sense of humour, especially 96-year old Nan.

We are also going to a Day centre tomorrow in the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow to offer some craft time to those who visit. This is a new venture and we would hope to be able to commit to it once a month.

Our learning of British Sign Language has slipped a bit over the holidays but we intend to get back to the online course and also go to a local church where we can learn from deaf people. I have a deaf friend in church and he is encouraging me so much. It is amazing the “conversations" we have and yet I know very little. In fact what I don’t know I make that is fun.

Alice and I visited a new craft shop which Jane had told us about. It is within a beautiful Garden Centre so the surroundings are lovely. There are many of these throughout Britain that now have Craft Central so they are well worth a visit. I bought the Celebrations board by the Glitter Girls (not forgetting that Alice and I are Crafty Chums) and I also have the waistcoat board (Media & Pastimes) which makes a great card for men. Perhaps that would be something of interest for us to run as a video if you have not already tried it? Alice bought the new Eazi-Box board and can't wait to try out all the interestingly-shaped boxes that it makes, while I am having fun with the Illusion box-making board which makes rectangular boxes.

What I really need to do now is STAY IN and do it.

I am not long back from Malta where I actually found...a craft shop but it was general craft including tapestry and knitting so I was a little disappointed as there was only a small corner with card craft.

I have tried to have a set time in the month for the blog but I feel a number of you are like friends now so I will just blog when I feel like it and hopefully keep you up to date with what is coming in the next week or so.

Please remember to keep in touch.

Crafty Whippet



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