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Crafting Tidy-Up

Posted by Alice Morland
Hi folks,

I just thought I would share with you that have been reorganising my craft supplies with nice new storage boxes.

Well that was the plan. I went to Ikea and bought the triple set of A4 drawers, well three sets to be exact and thought that would be a good start in making my craft area, which happens to be in my hall, much tidier looking.

That was the plan. I had two plastic storage units with three deep drawers that I wanted to empty, but for some strange reason I started looking at rearranging from another storage area in the hall. Yes, I have a big hall...A big mistake. After my son had made up my three boxes I decided that the printer would look better on the other side of the computer table. With me so far?

I happily started transferring A4 card into my new boxes, getting in a mess but still on track - as I thought - until I realised I had three box drawers left and my two triple drawer storage units hadn’t even been opened. Now...what do I have in these drawers that I could transfer? - ah, embossing powders and heat gun. They could go in an empty box I had created earlier and also perhaps the glitter phials. Mmmmm...Can’t do all that so removed the heat gun. My husband appeared in the hall as I was sitting surrounded by craft items everywhere, while stacking glitter phials into a little square box.

By this time my hall looked as though a bomb had hit it and it was also after eleven pm. There I was with no floor space left when my husband said “leave it for tonight“. I don’t think so.

However, as bed was calling me what did I do? I put all my things back in the triple drawers and returned the A4 card to where I had started put the other things that had accumulated during the evening into a carrier bag so that it at least looked reasonably tidy and then I went to bed. and I know that this all has to be sorted eventually or one does not have a clue where one's things are.

I am sure all of you crafters have done exactly the same thing. It even got to the stage when I began to actually want to throw things out rather than find somewhere to put it. You know what it’s like when you walk around with something in your hand in the vague hope that a space will appear from the middle of all your mess.

When I have recovered my sanity and returned to some semblance of order I will let you know. In the meantime, all you who have tidy storage, be thankful.

Crafty Whippet - Not!

PS I also intended to look at all my old cards and revamp them. Perhaps a few months from now might be okay either that or they can stay exactly where they are. I do not intend to have my bedroom like my hall.



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