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Happy New Year

Posted by CraftyWhippet

Hi Everyone,

Alice and I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

In Scotland as you know we have "Hogmanay" which is the evening before the beginning of a New Year where there are parties leading up to the "bells." In London England there is a huge clock called Big Ben and all of Scotland wait for the bells to chime at midnight. In Scotlands capital Edinburgh, and other cities, they have street parties. At Edinburgh Castle the cannon fires in conjunction with the "bells" followed by a firework display. This brings in our New Year. Now you have had a history lesson insted of craft !!
It was interesting this year as there were e mail messages to families rolling on the TV screen from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other places. Some like Australia were already 12 hours into New Year (your firework displays are always amazing ) while others were 6 hours behind so it was a change from the normal.

 However wherever you live we have now arrived into is it 2010 or two thousand and ten. Which is it going to be I wonder.

happy_birthday_Alice Alice celebrated her birthday on the 27th December. Now I wouldn't normally mention this but she and the great Normano are with Ann on the Island of Bute at the moment as this was a special birthday. I won't say which one.....but she will have a free bus pass and a mug to put her teeth in when necessary and various other things that a person of her age is entitled to. I have not let her forget this but she is now talking about her "wisdom of years."
Never mind, I only have a few months to annoy her and then she can get her own back.
Thank you to all our subscribers who have had the patience to watch our demonstrations and share our mishaps. We look forward to many more in the coming year that is if Alice can cope with it at her age.
Love and best wishes for 2010

Crafty Whippet



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