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Posted by Alice Morland

Despite the snowy weather, my husband and I made it over to Bute for New Year at the Glenburn Hotel as a 'special birthday' treat.  That cheeky Ruth will soon have to eat her words this year as she joins the ranks of the wisdom of the ancients...  Amidst the festivities Ann and I did actually craft! - very, very simply with minimum crafting equipment.  Back to basics, you might say, as we used a photo of our waiter with a simple desktop card-making program on a piece of photo paper to say, 'Thank you'.  Unfortunately, Ann had run out of colour ink and we were disgusted to see that the printing was not centred, with no option of reprinting.  Nothing daunted, good crafters that we are, we used our initiative: ribbon was needed to draw the eye away from the off-centre front and inside.  But Ann has no crafting stuff left in Bute! What to do? -- Mutilate a previous year's Christmas card by removing the 'Merry Christmas' ribbon with bow.  "But we've  printed 'Happy New Year' on the card", wails Ann -- "Tough," says I, and proceed to cut the ribbon to size.  "I suppose now you want glue? Well there's none."  But there was 'Magic' clear tape, so no problem, as we both had a flash of inspiration to cut through the folds of the quarter-fold card to hide the ribbon ends inside out of sight...

It was lovely to craft such a simple, satisfying card in the way we used to, before we started buying all this 'stuff' thought necessary nowadays. 
Back home, the snow is not thawing much and flurries continue.  Definitely the time to stay in and craft.



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