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Life returns to normal

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Hi Everyone,

Christmas and New year went in a blur of snow, sleet, fog, frozen cars, and frozen engines making life very difficult for everyone here in Scotland in particular the elderly some of whom did not manage over their doors for 3 to 4 weeks but we have survived.

We plan to add some new videos (once we film them ) in the near future.

Crafting has not been possible even if I had been able to find things, but I intend to "get my act together" as they say.

Alice is coping very well with being sixty but if truth be known is actually making me jealous as she has discounts that I don't get........yet. We booked craft tickets for the Glasgow craft exhibition and was promptly told that as I was still an adult I would have to pay the full price. It was the same at the cinema last week with Alice and Ann yet again getting a better deal. However they split the cost three ways which was very fair of them.

I just can't wait to be that old. !!! I think I shall finish while I am winning !!!

Bye for now
Crafty Whippet



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