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Crafting at Alice's House

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Hi Everyone,

Last night we were crafting a book card at Alice's house. I arrived at
7pm to find dining room chairs in the garden. I thought we were going to be crafting outside but at minus 4 degrees and dark I thought perhaps not. It turned out that the Great Normano was storing them in his attic for a friend He could have used his magic joining mat and got them up that way.

However, back to crafting. Ann now firing on all cylinders had suggested to Alice that we should organise the craft table and all have a basket to put our craft in. If we borrow from any other basket then the said item has to be returned to where it came from. Couldn't be easier. However I was gently but firmly reminded by my crafty friend that having my stuff all over the table was not the idea. Well I am getting older now so they should understand.

We all worked on the one theme as last time and it is surprising how different ideas come to mind in a group. One card even had to be trimmed top and bottom to make it level by, I won't say.

At the end of the night did anyone actually start and complete their card or were we all too busy eating chocolate, courtesy of Alice.Thanks to all our subscribers and others who view the demos. I might even let you know my disasters when I tried to make a Valentine card the way Jeanette showed us last time.

That was a performance, and not available on any outtake.

Love to all

Crafty Whippet



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