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Crafting with the group

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Last Thursday we went to the craft group where Jeanette had prepared a new card for us to try. Alice has already posted them on the the Blog for you to see, including the Template.
We spend ages with all the measuring, but as you will see each of us made a card with our own slant on it. This is the good thing about a group. We can all make the same card but also share ideas. Ann's neighbour was invited to join us and her input was great.

The last Wednesday and the first Wednesday of the month we go out crafting and with February being a short month we will out again very soon so we always have to be thinking ahead.

Scotland is getting colder but it must not snow as I have polished my boots and put them away !!

Today we have been filming first of all just for a bit of a laugh with a soft toy just to annoy a friend of mine but another craft demonstration is on its way very soon (with an outtake to follow).

In Glasgow we have a craft exhibition on the 4th March so we will all go and just have a look and buy nothing......I don't think so.
We will let you know.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments especially from our overseas subscribers we appreciate them very much.

Love from

Crafty Whippet and Snowball



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