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Busy times

Posted by CraftyWhippet
crafting we will go...
Tonight is our group craft night at Alice's house. It is my turn to demonstrate something so if it works out it will be shown as the next video. It is very easy but effective and can be used in many ways. I am hoping to experiment with different sizes of cards as well so watch this space.

We have been busy rehearsing as the Praise Gathering concerts are next weekend at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow and all 400 singers have to be note and word perfect as we are not permitted music on stage for the 18 songs on the three nights. We are committed to learning music over the last weeks but hope to get filming soon after the concerts are over. 
exploding bottleLast night at rehearsal I had a bit of a blip with a bottle of water but a number of tissues (saved I suspect from various eating places from Alice) saved the day or should I say night.
It is good to have comments coming in as I learn new techniques, some well some badly.



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