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You've been further framed

Posted by Alice Morland

Lots of editing went into the latest video to get it down to 10 minutes – I don’t understand, it’s not as if there is much talking goes on whilst filming! So, we demonstrated how to make the framed card (from Phyllis’ diamondcardcraft project book), but Ruth added to it with two frames one on top of the other, as invertage. 

The principle is two pieces of card cut down on one top and one side: for A5, 2cm ; A6, 1cm ; square card, 1 cm.  Then scored on the Eaziscore and/or Hougie board.  The tip is to then cut out the frame while actually on the groove of the board to get a good result.

Border peel-off stickers were placed around the inner of the bottom frame, and around the inner and outer of the top frame.  Peel-offs can be purchased from most craft outlets in the UK and are available in USA from Frantic Stamper among others.
frame Scottie Cuttlebug frame decoupage Cuttlebug frame holo present 
frame A6 Yorkie  frame chef frame sq lab yellow

On camera, CraftyWhippet talks about the “website”, which might puzzle some of you.  We used to have a Get Creative website, but as our YouTube playlists grew, I dropped it and just use Blogger as well.  GeniusHands Gallery shows my cards and Just the Card shows Ruth’s; the images are stored and can be viewed on PhotoBucket



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