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Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Posted by Alice Morland

Here I am at August already, catching up on the crafting blog: The Great Normano and I have returned from Bute after cat-sitting Pip for Ann.  The weather was very mixed, but it’s a beautiful isle.  I hadn’t taken any craft supplies with me, which was just as well as I spent most of the time chilling out!

With the guys at the Haven we crafted easel cards, some for fund-raising and some to send, afterwards CraftyWhippet stuffed her face with a luscious strawberry tart as her reward for our hard work:
craftywhippet with strawberry tart easel cards A6
As far as crafting goes, since I came home, I’ve only been making cards for sending to folks: a Cuttlebug, 2 octagons and an easel A6 --
Cuttlebug sunburst  octagonal medallion lilac sympathy easel decoupage A6 birthdayoctagonal oriental birthday
CraftyWhippet cannot be let loose with a shopping craft channel and a credit card – while I was away she managed to purchase a Christmas craft CD-rom and a Raindrops Raindrops Wedding decoupagecraft kit.  Well…we shared the cost of the kit, after all, there was two of everything… Using the wedding decoupage caused me some smudgy problems with the ink when I personalised the names on the PC; however, using a frame made on the Eaziscore board covered over the problem.  Mistakes can always be repaired. It’s not for nothing that we are called crafty! – though I should confess that it was actually Ruth’s son who came up with the idea of using one of our frames – he’s getting into craft whether he likes it or not.



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