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Posted by CraftyWhippet
cat-sitting: such hard work Crafty Alice is now back from her cat sitting, and I am back from my birthday few days away and seeing my sister in her motor home, so maybe now we might get back into some routine and prepare some craft demos for you to view on YouTube.

Alice's weather wasn't that great while she was away. During this time my nephew Paul and his girlfriend came to visit me and Dana was highly amused that we had a newspaper in Scotland called The "SUN" I never thought of the paper that way. I have been busy making craft cards over the summer but find it hard to believe that we are more than halfway through August and the dreaded sparkly season for card-making is getting closer.

Girl on SwingThe new John Byars Nostalgia range from do Craft I love. I have just bought the wooden stamp of little girl on a swing. I will need to replace my sepia ink pad as that is the one I use for the nostalgic images.

I might show you the stamps when we are next filming, that is if I remember. You see, as I have now just become bus pass age I can, and do, forget very easily. Alice informed me that she has been like that for ages but then she is 6 months older than I am.........and always will be.



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