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Canary Crafters

Posted by Alice Morland
Some of you might have been surprised when watching the latest craft video, Frame Easel Card,  to see us in canary yellow.  When we first formed the craft group in 2005 (see About Us tab) Ann geared us up with these tops embroidered Get Creative.   Unfortunately I can’t find where I ‘put it away safely’! I had to resort to my back-up one, which is paler.  We hated the colour but it is certainly eye-catching at events…
Slightly less Canary CraftyAlice Canary CraftyWhippet
The last time we filmed, I totally Hassled CraftyWhippet by doing the close-ups first.  This time I filmed the detailed work the day before, hoping  (I thought!) that the filming would be straightforward.  No way, the Stop button “disappeared” on the remote and we dissolved into our usual laughter.  Whilst preparing for the ending part we noticed that the Start button had been pressed again – thus an Outtake was formed.  Amazingly, all filming came in under the 10 minute YouTube slot.  We hope you like the results.

You can see in the photo the wooden stamps designed by John Byars – we meant to have another wee try-out of them but instead just cut out some Ruth had already stamped, to be decoupaged at a later time.  After lunch, we decided to assemble some more of the Raindrops kit, having got the Wedding one under our belt.  Taking the Best Days and Growing Up sheets, the die-cuts were carefully pushed out, the frames and card were even more carefully cut out and the card was assembled with not too much confusion over girl on a swing – it required Ruth to pay particular attention to aligning the body; the other one was a simple but effective decoupage.  We did have a laugh, and when I come to make the set of two, it should be firmly in my head what to do...I hope! 
 Raindrops Best Days frontRaindrops Best Days innerRaindrops Growing Up



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