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Behind the Scenes

Posted by CraftyWhippet
Hello my friends
When we filmed last time Alice was right when she said she hassled me. Now Mary NSC yawl know that I get fair bamboozled when my pal does that but as you know I am sooooo patient.....well for the moment anyway.
She is a clever cookie my pal Alice. On this occasion in order to make everything very clear she filmed little bits so that all we had to do was a beginning and an end. With me so far? Now what can go wrong with that?
I was given the handset and held it very proficiently and zoomed in and out, when Alice signalled STOP.  That is all very well when if you know where stop is. I eventually was shown, I pressed it and just to be absolutely sure I pressed it again. Now as you will know from the last blog I had inadvertently (my I'm into big words tonight) started recording again and as we chatted we had no idea the camera was still filming.  Where did that outtake go Crafty Alice?.......I know, it will be with your yellow top.



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